BAALC-AS1/G3BP2/c-Myc feedback loop promotes cell proliferation in esophageal squamous cell carcinom
Stem II-disrupting pseudoknot does not abolish ability of Senecavirus A IRES to initiate protein exp
FAIMS-MS might contribute to phosphopeptides identification in plasma
Increased levels of HE4 (WFDC2) in systemic sclerosis: a novel biomarker reflecting interstitial lun
Regulation of the Stability and ABA Import Activity of NRT1.2/NPF4.6 by CEPR2-mediated Phosphorylati
Rescue of Senecavirus A to uncover mutation profiles of its progenies during 80 serial passages in v
Pristane promotes anaerobic glycolysis to facilitate proinflammatory activation of macrophages and d
利用生物正交裂-連接基富集和開關技術檢測s -亞硝基化靶點和基序
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